Simple tips, light to distinguish between true and false Rolex

Hello everyone, I am old K; watch lovers, sharing watch knowledge from the media people. Rolex is one of the most well-known swiss replica watches brands, but also the most popular brand of fraud, according to the World Watch Network published a market research report, replica watch home most easily fake list of the first list, the following to see some The basic tricks, teach you how to distinguish the authenticity of Rolex. As the highest sales of a single watch brand, water ghost is its most well-known and best-selling style. This undoubtedly triggered a fake frenzy, and fake more and more realistic. A lot of ordinary uk replica watches friends is difficult to identify in a short time, so today got a real water ghost and a fake water ghost to do more] In this comparison, specially got the green ghost, not the nigga. Because Rolex really use the green ceramic outer ring, although the counterfeit ceramic material, but it is difficult to burn a similar color. Prior to this, I have been relying on the color of the outer ring and the outer ring scale work, color to quickly identify true and false green water ghosts. After all, the difference between the two is very large. True form of ceramic circle lettering inside filled with platinum, false watch in order to save costs can not do this. The result, this time to find this piece of false Rolex ceramic outer ring color and true watch, but there are color, but has been very very close. Like watch friends, more watch information and old K can communicate with the exchange; only V letter 972220555 On the specific authentic green water ghost contrast V7 version of the water ghost, you can look at the article I wrote before In the absence of real objects together in the case of contrast, the general watch friends have been difficult to distinguish. (We can guess the map, which is a real watch?) I will mark with Gen as genuine, V7 on behalf of false watch [is said to be the best engraved in the country ghosts] As we all know, Rolex is the use of 904L steel, false watch and ordinary watch is the use of 306L. Many people say that you can observe the color of steel, texture to distinguish between true and false. I think this is too mysterious, light, polished will affect its judgment. If you can rely on the naked eye to distinguish, it is simply "Niubi"! I still believe that more scientific methods, such as spectral analyzers. In order to prevent security, Rolex since 2002 gradually in its watch Sapphire 6 o'clock position on the etched micro crown. In a certain angle you can see the Rolex iconic elements, of course, with the magnifying glass will be better. Now the false Rolex's mirror above also have this small logo, although the real and false form of the logo or there are differences, but because the logo is too small, it is very convenient to distinguish, so by the small crown on the mirror has been invalid The. Talk about so many useless way, that this article would not "title party"? After a detailed comparison, at least found the true and false Rolex water ghost ten different points. Pick the most obvious, but also ordinary watch friends most likely to learn the four places for your reference. The first look at the lower part of the word engraved lettering There are four small points under the words "Rolex". There is one of the letters "0", one of the lower left corner of the letter "X", and one of the lower right corner of the letter "S" and "A". There is no false watch This authentic is gold diton take the buckle Genuine steel paragraph grinding buckle Other metal versions, polished version of the Rolex new strap found to have these small points The second look at the crown of the crown GEN on behalf of genuine, V7 is said to be engraved with the best Rolex water ghosts Fake watch clasp of the three-dimensional relief Rolex Crown's little mouth is oval, and polished fake watch much better. Third look at the second hand axis True form of the second hand axis is with a sharp inside, at a certain angle, which can reflect the light inside The second hand axis of the false watch is empty, inside black The fourth look at the calendar of the font Fake watch calendar font has been very close to the real watch, which also has the same as the real "tentacles." But in the proportion and layout is still different. Sharp-eyed friends must have found that no calendar 6 and calendar 9; focus is the number "6" and "9", we follow the plane of the stroke to do a straight line in the past. The true form is exactly tangent to the arc segment, and the straight line extending from the false watch passes directly through the number itself. Say "details of the devil inside", in fact, there are details inside the "angel". Through a 10 times the magnifying glass to observe the details, you can solve the problem of many watches really Fifth; night pearl As mentioned before, genuine stuffing for platinum, false watch is certainly not platinum, so there are differences in color. Luminous basically can not distinguish anything. Members in the purchase of their favorite watch, we must first understand the true and false contrast, to avoid the pit! Like watch friends, more watch information and old K can communicate with the exchange; only V letter 972220555 For the other models of true and false identification of Rolex, I summarized the following five points; First look look. Real Rolex watch from the outside look Rolex case fine, strap, crown, English word clear, complete, and imitation watch shell rough, text slightly blurred. Especially the watch at the end, cover teeth, very fine and clear, clean and have three-dimensional sense, while the imitation of rough and no three-dimensional, generally relatively shallow. The second strokes to find the feeling. The watch worn on the wrist, the true form of the watch docile, wrist activities freely, and the strap without edges and corners, smooth not hurt. And false watch strap is not flexible enough, not only to limit the activities of the wrist, and no fine polished watch more sharp, and even scratch the hand

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